This is John Shen from Troy, MI, in El Salvador. I just logged into my online music storage and found the most recently uploaded song.

It´s a remix, but it reminded me of when I actually heard the song here, in San Salvador. I responded by commenting to the nearest person that this song shouldn´t be here, and that I like Salvadoran music better anyway. But she replied that maybe the people here like our music back in the States better too.

Later that night we met with the pastor of the church which we are helping. He told us one of the greatest struggles the youth here face is that 70% of them want to leave the country for the USA. He wanted us to relate and connect with them, all of us learning together on our retreat this weekend that we are followers of Jesus - wherever we go, wherever we are, wherever we want to be.

Luego, amigos (y amigas).

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  1. !!! I couldn't believe this when I saw this in my inbox. Hey, well, I read all your posts and it was touching (not to sound like a girl) to hear that you guys are abosorbing so much from this. Happy to know that you guys are having a great experience and a good time with all the El Salvadorean people there. I'm not sure if you guys will see this post during the rest of your time down there but just know that we're all praying for you guys. You guys represent Oasis so make the experience count. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy and savor the time you have before dropping back into the states.


    P.S. Oasis misses all of you guys. Also, Janet's post reminded me of O'Brien's class again o.O
    P.P.S Can't wait to see the pictures
    P.P.P.S To Joe: Saturday worship went well and Saturate looks like it's going to be all good :]