Chicago meets El Salvador!

We´re in El Salvador! My team arrived on Saturday afternoon, and since then we´ve had the chance to go to the community church, work at Tia Ana´s orphanage, conduct a Vacation Bible School for about 60 kids, tour the city, learn about its history, help build a new house for Tia Ana, hosted a barbeque for the community, sing Karaoke (Man! I Feel Like A Woman....!), and develop relationships with the people of El Salvador. Coming here has opened the eyes of our team to question our own habits of our every day lives and strive to serve more like Christ. We´ve come to learn about a new culture (where people don´t flush toliet paper in the toliet?), but ultimatley, we´ve discovered that universally, people all strive for the same things: love, community, friendship, and happiness. Our team has developed friendships with these people that we know will last more than the time we´re here, and we´ve really come to love this county. Complete strangers are the friendliest, and everyone is very compassionate and willing to give, even when they are giving out of their own poverty. This is such a beautiful and warm county, and we know the things we´ve learned will stick with us for a lifetime. Praise God for giving us the opportunity to come here.

Peace out los grinos.

In Christ,

Amber and Kristin (students of the Lombard Bible Church Team)

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