God´s People

El Salvador is absolutely amazing. I came on this missions trip (my first) expecting to bring God to an unknowing land, but I ended up discovering a setting that was already graced by Christ´s love. Every custom, every home, and every face seems to have ¨Jesus was here¨ written all over it. I feel honored to be among a people that God must love so much. The people here rely on their faith whole heartedly. They aren´t as technical as the people at home. Salvadorians appreciate life, and as cliche as it sounds, they actually take the time to smell, look at, and pick the roses. So what if they don´t sit around debating new technology or paper and plastic. They act with their hearts and rely on their spiritual intuition, and because of this, they aren´t servants of society, but servants of God. They are truly God´s people.
I´m not saying that I don´t love American culture with its filibustering over topics like Obama, global warming, stem cell research, and modern philosophy...but life here still seems to have a certain kind of depth to it that you just can´t find at home.

okay its time to leave the internet cafe. shame shame

Janet from Michigan.

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