It´s Rainin´ Men

Hola todos, Kevin aquí. Ok, I speak English. So I´m a chino de Michigan de Los Estados Unidos, and I´m here with a team of 14 from our church, O@sis. You might be wondering why I have that title up there. Well, we just had to drive through stupidly heavy rain in the back of a pickup truck after eating a Pupusa dinner. Yeah, fun stuff.

Anyway, we´re here with another team from Boone, North Carolina to help minister to the El Salvadorians of La Iglesia de Fe y Adoración (or something close to that). So far, we´ve ministered in our local community of Zacamil, played with the orphans of Tía Ana, and done construction on a new house for Tía Ana, just to give a couple things. As for myself, I am enjoying the things we are doing for this place, as I know it touches the hearts of the locals, and I know when I come out of this, I will have taken in more than I could take from anywhere else. This experience is unlike anything I´ve had before, and I can already feel its effects on me after these 5 days we´ve been here. Our intern, Christian Jacobs, challenged us to make goals for ourselves over this trip, and one of mine was to live with more spontaneity. In other words, I want to be able to live and perform God´s word without hesitatoin, without fear, without question, and just do whatever God wants me to do when I feel him tugging on my shoulder. I am a naturally reserved person, but my teammates, and even myself (a person who does not like to think or talk about himself much) notice a change in my behavior and character. I hope I can continue this trend as we finish this trip.

It seems like this week has gone by so quickly already, as tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, we will be leaving for a retreat with the young adults of the church for three days. I don´t know what to expect while we are there, but I am excited to see what differences there are between how the El Salvadorians do their retreat amd how my church does it. After the retreat (Sunday afternoon), there is not much more of the hard work to do like the construction and orphanage, and we even get a part of a day at the beach. So this mission trip has already gone by so fast, and many of the hardest things we´ve had to do are already over. The timing is good though, because many of us are becoming pretty tired and fatigued. One of our teammates is a bit ill, so we pray that she will recover quickly and be ready for the upcoming retreat. I myself am pretty tired as well, but somehow I am still keeping my spirits up, with God´s help.

So that´s about it for now. Be sure to check out posts from my other teammates as we are all in an Internet café at the moment taking turns blogging. Adios.

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