introducing "rico suave"

mario salvador... aka rico suave

Mario has been a rockstar helper to the last five summer intern teams in El Salvador. This year, he feels God tugging on his heart to join the team. Here's a little bio on him:

San Salvador , El Salvador.
I play baseball, soccer and stay with my friends

Funny/ Interesting things about you:
My all-time favorite movie is "101 Dalmatians." Also, I like know about a lot of people, and to make friends.

What is your favorite food?
pupusas, beef with tomatoes, and rice.

If you could have any superpower you would have:
"fire power" just like Super Mario

You are stuck on a desert island. Besides the Bible, your family and friends, what three inanimate objects would you take with you?
1. a water bottle
2. a stick of deoderant
3. a tooth brush

What does "Loving God" mean to you personally?
For me loving God is everything because I will never have anybody who loves me like Him.

Why is “Loving Others” so critical?
It's so important to be united with those around us, show them we care, and be peaceful.

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