"How about Methuselah? That's a nice name."

So. the first intern to arrive is... Aram!!! As I was telling the Pastor's wife, Mimi, about all of the names of the interns, she was telling me the Spanish equivalent. We got stuck on Aram's name. Her son, Joel, suggested giving him a new name. We jokingly mentioned some pretty obscure names and then Mimi chimed in with "How about Methuselah? That's a nice name." So funny. But, I think we'll stick with ArĂ¡m.

Boone, NC

Playing Guitar, rock climbing, biking, skiing, backpacking

Funny/ Interesting things about you:
I lived in Ireland for a while, and my fourth toe is longer than my big toe.

Favorite food:
Definitely Menudo!

If you could have any superpower you would have:
Flying, how awesome would that be? I would fly everywhere!

You are stuck on a desert island. Besides the Bible, your family and friends, what three inanimate objects would you take with you?
My guitar, An iPod with tons of music on it, and some water.

What does it mean to “Love God” to you personally?
It means to be crazily devoted to his word, and passionately love all his people. Your life should bring him praise, everything else is a waste of time.

Why is “Loving Others” so critical?
They are God's creation, and he loves them more than we can ever know. If a perfect God can see past people's faults, than why would we ever judge??

Please join in Aram in prayer for:

(1) Quick language acquisition

(2) Sensitivity to God's teachings in this time

(3) Impacting the lives of the youth that are coming here on missions trips

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