I would like to ask you all to be praying especially for the teams down: for safety. We really NEED your help in covering the Pastors in prayer (Mario and Juan Carlos) because the enemy is out to get them especailly during the summer when they do so much ministry with us and lives are being changed because of their ministry and what God has called them to do. the other day Pastor Mario was robbed at gun point so that shook everyone up because it was in the neighborhood where we live. The enemy is always OUT TO GET US so we ALL need to be covered in prayer!!This year more than last there has been more theft and such because people are so desperate for money with the bad economy. There is no need to be afraid because we are in the hands of God but we do need to be cautious. YOU must pray. YOU GUYS are each part of the link that keeps us all going with your prayers...please dont stop prayer or ever think that your prayer is not needed!!!The teams are doing well connecting with the locals. Yesturday the first team left and the tears began for the load of goodbyes that there will be this summer...but God is always good and he always brings the gringos here to Zacamil for a great purpose: To impact the lives of the people here and in turn have their lives impacted in such a way that they will never be the same.I asked a guy from the group, Phil, "What is the one thing that you will remember forever from your trip?" He answered, " the FACES!!" That answer made my heart happy and filled with joy because i know that this kind of stuff makes God smile!!God is at work in every area and sometimes we don't even see it until it is well on its way but I sure am glad that i get to be in the very middle of what God is doing here in Zacamil, El Salvador!!grace and peace to you all :)

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