Conviviendo is a Spanish word that simply means "doing life together." That is our goal in El Salvador. We live in community, embrace our community, and hope to be a community for others. If those we live among don't have hot water for showers, neither do we. If our neighbors lose electricity because of a power failure, so do we. Those are things that we can't control, but there are also ways that we intentionally choose conviviendo. We choose to be apart of the lives of the people in our community through world cup soccer games, pupusa dinners, providing medicine and care for the sick, birthday parties, visiting shut-ins, coffee, conversation, prayer meetings, little league baseball games, learning to make Salvadoran food, puddle jumping, hearing life stories, singing in the rain, tres leches cakes :), and trips to the corner store. As we practice conviviendo, we learn to appreciate the beauty of God's global mosaic. Through caring relationships we communicate the best story ever told. We don't embrace a vision in which we live seperate from our community. We live in community through relationships. Sometimes it's raw, unpolished, and messy, but it's always authentic. We make Jesus famous in our community by conviviendo.

Living together is an art.
-- William Pickens

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